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Terms and Conditions

Important terms, conditions and disclosures.

You Must be 18+ to Purchase Fireworks

You must be 18 years or older to purchase fireworks. Please be aware that you must show a valid driver’s license and must sign a BAM Fireworks USA liability waiver in order to purchase fireworks.

All Sales are Final

All sales are final and returns will not be accepted, nor will refunds be issued.

Product Availability

In the event product purchased online is not available for any reason, BAM Fireworks, LLC reserves the right to either A) offer a replacement pending your acceptance, or B) issue a refund for the product or products that are out of stock. Refunds for other products in stock and available will not be issued under any circumstances. BAM Fireworks, LLC reserves the right to cancel and refund any order for any reason.

Sales, Discounts, and Offers

Sales, discounts, and offers may vary from online to in-store. Online offers cannot be utilized in store, and in store offers cannot be utilized online. Any and all offers may be canceled, retracted, or modified at any time.

Information Accuracy

To the best of our knowledge, all information presented on is accurate. In the event information differs, BAM Fireworks, LLC cannot be held liable.


You must follow Fireworks Safety guidelines. In the event BAM Fireworks, LLC believes products will not be utilized according to Fireworks Safety guidelines, applicable laws, and common sense, BAM Fireworks, LLC reserves the right to refuse service, cancel and refund orders, or take other appropriate and responsible action deemed as such by BAM Fireworks, USA.

Refusal of Service

BAM Fireworks, LLC reserves the right to refuse service for any reason applicable and legal under the law.

Pickup and Delivery

All sales are subject to information disclosed on our Pickup Info and Delivery Info pages.